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Paradise Footwear is dedicated to assisting health practitioners with their patients’ lower extremity disorders. All of our staff are experienced in helping accommodate people with specialized footwear needs. We also have an in-store Pedorthist on staff Tuesday through Saturday. As a team, we strive to provide education and healthy footwear choices to optimize clients’ self-expression and overall well-being.

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What We Do


Measure Both Feet

Doing so helps determine a correct assessment because feet are at their largest size when standing. Generally, one foot is different from the other, so better to try on both shoes. Keep in mind that your toes need adequate room to move about to prevent certain foot conditions from developing.


Assess Feet & Gait

Gait analysis matches the runner’s degree of pronation with the correct shoe type. The aim is to counterbalance the overpronation or underpronation to help to reduce the risk of injury and improve running efficiency.

Foot & Ankle Problems

Our highly trained staff can provide expert fitting, ensuring that shoes are the correct size and width for the customer’s feet. This is crucial for people with foot or ankle isuues, as poorly fitting shoes can exacerbate existing issues.


PLANTAR FASCIITIS is the most common foot problem and one of the hardest to overcome.  The plantar fascia is a thick fibrous tissue that attaches to the heel bone (calcaneus) and spans across the bottom of the foot and arch and attaches to the back of the toes.  It acts like a bowstring to maintain the arch of the foot.

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